What I Do

Business Owner

Jocelynn is the Chief Operations Officer at HarwardMedia, a multi-million dollar e-commerce company she started on her coffee table.

Jocelynn got her professional start at the age of 14 when she taught herself photoshop and designed a website for her parent's growing business. Jocelynn has since ran multiple international multi-million dollar companies. She has experienced massive failure and greater success which has given her a firm grasp on how to identify what is working and what is not working.

Jocelynn never backs down from a challenge or difficult situation. In fact, she anticipates and embraces them because that's where the most growth and experience comes from. Hate the pain, love the growth.


Live speaking events are an experience that Jocelynn has broken down into a four step system. This structure ensures that all of her events are deeply tangible and cover all the VAK learning styles. Attendees walk away a little mind blown, but with a belt full of tools and a personalized new plan to get what they want.

In between the live speaking events Jocelynn hosts, 2020 has Jocelynn moving into new outreach platforms that will allow her to use her unique gifts of teaching and connecting with others. Watch for her upcoming webinars, podcast guest appearances, and radio shows. (Hopefully she can officiate a wedding or two in there, too)


Jocelynn's coaching methodology centers around one core concept:
Based on results.

Through her 'questions only' way of coaching, Jocelynn helps clients see how their business issues tend to boil down to a handful of human issues(referred to as systems). Most often clients don't even know they had picked up or developed these systems, let alone allowed them to dictate their actions and therefore their outcomes. When clients see the results of changing or discarding those systems, their real successes begin.

Jocelynn's passions consist of building strong relationships and helping others to do the same, women in power, coaching female entrepreneurs, and creating a safe space for others to thrive.