• Nicole Infanzon
    "Jocelynn is an inspiring woman who gives her heart and soul to her work. She is extremely organized, strategic, and creative. She patiently mentored me and taught me strong work ethic. Anyone who has worked with Jocelynn would agree! She’s a game changer."
    Nicole Infanzon
  • Colton BrockBank
    "I really doubted she could actually help me at all. Then, Jocelynn legit changed my life... I had blocks in my life I had no clue I even had. I have been to several “motivational” speeches down to even Tony Robbins, and none of them even touched my experience I had with Jocelynn. I came out with more self love for myself than ever before. Thanks to her I can tell anyone who I am, what I want to do with my life. My transformation thanks to her was unbelievable... If I could give her 10 stars ten times over I would."   
    Colton BrockBank
  • Alexandra Roper
    "Jocelynn is a powerful, inspiring speaker. Her ability to own the room she's speaking in is incredible! She has a way of connecting to the people she's speaking with and comes across as very genuine and authentic!"    
    Alexandra Roper
  •  Ellen Brown
    "I have worked with Jocelynn in a professional arena on several occasions. She is a very dynamic and inspiring speaker. She has a unique ability to sense the energy in the room and shift her content to match what her audience needs in order to best comprehend, integrate and retain the information she is presenting." 
     Ellen Brown

Upcoming Speaking

✓  Podcast Recording: The Jimmy Rex Show - March 4, 2020
✓  Podcast Recording: The No Labels, No Limits Podcast - April 17, 2020
✓ Intro to Your Life: Session II - May 14-16, 2020
✓ Workshop: Women's Super Saturday - Utah - June 6, 2020
✓ Lions Not Sheep - June 13, 2020
✓  Workshop: Teens - Utah - June 18 - 20,2020

Copreneuring: A Guide

Jocelynn is writing a book for entrepreneur couples! If you'd like to be notified when she releases it, drop your email below!
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